SFDCT / Dow Settlement Disease Criteria

Systemic Scleroderma (SS) - Option 2
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Expedited Release Checks Important Please Read
The Settlement Facility Dow Corning Trust has recently decided to send Expedited Release Payments ($2,000) to all claimants whose cases are idle.
The Dow Settlement criteria states that if you accept this payment you can NEVER apply for a disease claim in the future, even if you become sick.
If you receive one of these checks in the mail, please do not cash it until you speak with an attorney to discuss your potential claim.
Again, if you cash this check you have effectively settled your claim and can never get any additional money.
SFDCT Medical Criteria
Learn about the medical criteria that you will need to meet in order to submit a disease claim through the SFDCT Settlement.
A claim for scleroderma must include a diagnosis of systemic sclerosis/scleroderma made by a Board-certified rheumatologist based upon personal examination of the patient.
[Exclusion: localized scleroderma.] Supporting medical documentation must affirmatively reveal that the major or at least two (2) of the minor criteria listed below are present:
Major Criterion: Proximal scleroderma - symmetric thickening, tightening, and induration of the skin of the fingers and the skin proximal to the metacarpophalangeal or metatarsophalangeal joints. The changes may affect the entire extremity, face, neck, and trunk (thorax and abdomen). Description of this criterion is adequate if the Board-certified rheumatologist records that physical examination of the patient revealed scleroderma skin thickening, and adequately describes the parts of the body where that thickened skin was found.
Minor Criteria:
Sclerodactyly: Above-indicated skin changes limited to the fingers.
Digital pitting scars or loss of substance from the finger pad: Depressed areas at tips of fingers or loss of digital pad tissue as a result of ischemia.
Bibasilar pulmonary fibrosis: Bilateral reticular pattern of linear or lineonodular densities most pronounced in basilar portions of the lungs on standard chest roentgenogram; may assume appearance of diffuse mottling or "honeycomb lung." These changes should not be attributable to primary lung disease.
Compensation Levels:
Death resulting from SS, or severe chronic renal involvement manifested by a glomerular filtration rate of less than 50% of the age- and gender-adjusted norm, as measured by an adequate 24-hour urine specimen collection.
Clinically significant cardio-pulmonary manifestations of scleroderma or proximal scleroderma on the trunk (thorax and abdomen).
A diagnosis of scleroderma in accordance with the above criteria that does not involve the findings in A or B above.
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