Q6-1 If I receive a Disease Payment now but become more ill in the future, can I apply for an additional payment?
You can apply for an increased severity payment only in the Disease Option in which you were approved and paid. For example, if you were compensated for ACTD in Disease Option 1, then you can only apply for increased severity benefits in Disease Option l.
Q6-2 What are the eligibility criteria for Disease Option 1 Increased Severity Fund?
To be eligible for an increase severity payment under Disease Option 1, you must be able to document that you meet the Level "A" disability criteria for your approved disease.
Q6-3 If I am approved for the Disease Option 1 Increase Severity Fund, how much can I recover?
You will be eligible to receive the difference between your original approved disease payment amount and the Level "A" amount.
Q6-4 My treating physician wrote a statement that my ATCD disability level has increased from Level "C" (20% disabled) to Level "B" (35% disabled). Am I eligible for the Disease Option 1 Increased Severity?
Q6-5 What are the eligibility criteria for the Disease Option 2 increase severity payment?
You can qualify for the Option 2 increase severity by either of the following two (2) methods:

1. You are diagnosed with a new eligible disease in Disease Option 2. (or)
2. Your existing Disease Option 2 disease becomes more severe such that it qualifies you for a higher severity level payment amount.
Q6-6 When and how will approved Disease Option 1 and Disease Option 2 increased severity payment be made?
Disease Option 1 and Option 2 increased severity payments will be paid when the District Court authorizes Premium Payments to be made.
Q6-7 Does the Disease Option 1 Increased Severity Fund allow me to move from Disease Option 1 to Disease Option 2?
Q6-8 Did you know you may be able to file a new claim?
Claimants who fail to cure a deficiency within the one year period shall not be barred from submitting a claim and receiving payment for a new compensable condition that manifests after the conclusion of the one year period.
Increased Severity - FAQ

{Reprinted from the Disease Claimant information Guide Dow Corning Breast implant Liaimants (Class 5)

SECTION 6 - increased Severity Payment for Disease Option 1 and Option 2 Claims;
Do I Have A Case?
Expedited Release Checks Important Please Read
The Settlement Facility Dow Corning Trust has recently decided to send Expedited Release Payments ($2,000) to all claimants whose cases are idle.
The Dow Settlement criteria states that if you accept this payment you can NEVER apply for a disease claim in the future, even if you become sick.
If you receive one of these checks in the mail, please do not cash it until you speak with an attorney to discuss your potential claim.
Again, if you cash this check you have effectively settled your claim and can never get any additional money.
SFDCT Medical Criteria
Learn about the medical criteria that you will need to meet in order to submit a disease claim through the SFDCT Settlement.
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