Dow Settlement Attorney For Breast Implants
Our Law Firm represents women across the United States who had at least one Dow Corning breast implant or tissue expander placed in their bodies before June 1, 1993. Implant brands include Dow Corning, Silastic II, Cronin, DCW, MSI, Mueller 5 and Varifil. For those women that do have qualifying implants, there is still compensation available under the Dow Settlement until June 1, 2019.

You may be able to file a new claim
Claimants who fail to cure a deficiency within the one year period shall not be barred from submitting a claim and receiving payment for a new compensable condition that manifests after the conclusion of the one year period. Call or contact our office today at 727-397-9198 to see if you qualify.
Q. Are you registered with the Dow Settlement, but do not have an attorney?
Q. Are you having trouble documenting your disease claim symptoms?
Q. Have you received a deficiency notice from SF-DCT, and are not sure what to do?
Q. Are you aware that you only have 1 year to cure deficiencies, or are forever barred?
Q. Did you know the SF-DCT allows only 2 reviews to cure your claim's deficiencies?

We'll fight hard to get you the compensation that you rightfully deserve
For over 17 years, our law firm has successfully represented thousands of breast implant claimants in both the Dow Corning Settlement and prior MDL 926 Revised Settlement Programs.
As a client, you can be sure that we will  fight hard to get your the compensation that you rightfully deserve so you can focus on what is most important, your health.  We welcome the opportunity to see your claim through so that you receive the maximum recovery.

Recent Dow Settlement News

Premium Payments
The District Court has approved a 50% Premium Payment for awarded rupture and disease claims. Partial Premium Payments will be mailed in order that the Base Payment was approved. This means claims approved in 2004 will be paid first, followed by 2005, 2006, etc. until all checks have been mailed. They expect the initial  Partial Premium Payments to conclude either by the end of 2014 or early 2015, Your patience is greatly appreciated.

There is no date when the remainder of the Premium Payments will be made. It is likely it will be closer to the end of the Settlement in 2019.

Class 7
The SFDCT has set a goal to pay all Class 7 approved disease claims by
the end of 2014. They realize this issue is very important to those who
are waiting for their payment, and they are working hard to finalize and
prioritize these payments.

Claimants' Advisory Committee
Call or contact our office today at 727-397-9198 for a free initial consultation regarding your potential claim.
Do I Have A Case?
Expedited Release Checks Important Please Read
The Settlement Facility Dow Corning Trust has recently decided to send Expedited Release Payments ($2,000) to all claimants whose cases are idle.
The Dow Settlement criteria states that if you accept this payment you can NEVER apply for a disease claim in the future, even if you become sick.
If you receive one of these checks in the mail, please do not cash it until you speak with an attorney to discuss your potential claim.
Again, if you cash this check you have effectively settled your claim and can never get any additional money.
SFDCT Medical Criteria
Learn about the medical criteria that you will need to meet in order to submit a disease claim through the SFDCT Settlement.
View videos related to this topic in our resource library.
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