There have been studies done and a detailed review of statistics to suggest there is a high probability that there are certain types of cancer that can occur after the Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft is implanted in a patient.

The main attribute of carcinogen producing results in Infuse Bone Graft is the bone morphogenetic protein-2. Independent studies have been performed that show an increased rate of cancer is prevalent in patients that have undergone a procedure involving Infuse Bone Graft. The cancer rate is higher in these patients than in patients that receive traditional spinal surgery with bone harvest. The heightened risk for cancer is traced back to using higher dosages of bone morphogenetic protein-2 used in the Infuse® Bone Graft, especially in off-label procedures.

The studies show that the bioengineered protein has increased the chances of being diagnosed with cancer a year or so after the procedure are possible. The risk of growth of malignant tumors and different types of cancer has been said to be five times higher three years after surgery. While there has not been a specific link in Infuse® Bone Graft with distant tumors from the incision site, there have been studies done that show the increased and rapid growth of tumors near the surgery site. Also, if the procedure is considered off-label, the growth of distant tumors could be increased.

The types of cancer that have been found in Infuse Bone Graft patients vary; however, the most prevailing ones are breast, prostate or pancreatic cancer. There have been other cancers found in patients as well. These include ovarian, skin, stomach, thyroid (especially if the procedure was off-label cervical spine surgery), lung and leukemia.

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